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Some original ideas from an independant thinking average American- a common man who is not afraid to make a stand.  
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Who I Am

I am a husband, father, businessman, and educated citizen who has had enough of the current system and want my choices back.  I have had enough of the status quo, enough of hearing that things are just the way it is or the way it has always been.  I am shocked that we Tennesseans have 11 elected voices and yet the only time we seem to hear their voices are during campaign commercials.  Most people can not even give the names of their representatives, yet they are familar with the names Ted Cruz or Ron Paul. 

I learned in business school that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.  I have seen that first hand in the past decade while working in corporate America.  I am sick and tired of being one of those workers whose work provides the benefits and promotions for the 80%.  I believe in a policy of you get what you earn; in other words it is what you do instead of who you know. 

It comes down to choice.  My life my choice.  I want my government to create or allow opportunities for me to choose from instead of deciding what they think will be best for me.  In reality all they are doing is limiting my selections.  Every topic and every argument from yesterday, today, and tomorrow should be determined from a stance of what is best and to create maximum choices so a person's free will can prevail. 

If you feel the same way I do then vote for Joshua James in November 2014.


(877) 463-6794
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